Monday, October 29, 2012

The wind has seriously picked up this evening, to the point you can tell there's a hurricane working its way up the coast. I haven't cranked up the heat in the house yet, but I'm definitely debating putting on some thick socks and a sweater.

We ventured out earlier for choir rehearsal before things got too ugly, and on the way we stopped at a roadside stand and picked up two mid-size pumpkins for carving tomorrow night. The school just called and confirmed a two hour delay tomorrow as well, so we'll have a bit of a lie-in on top of evening festivities.
We actually got to the church a bit early, so I had a chance to run over things, and Small worked on her C major scale. She caught on quickly to the note pattern and followed it the whole way up the keyboard, which is awesome... I haven't wanted to push too hard on instrument training in case it put her off, but when she shows an interest we putter around and have fun with it. She loves singing in particular and she's very fond of the bongos a friend gave her for Christmas two years ago, but I'm still surprised when she pitch matches and tries to pick up songs by ear on the recorder. I see her every day, but the leaps and bounds in what she can do always catch me off guard.

I had several inter-library loan books arrive earlier this afternoon, so I think I'm going to finish folding sheets, find a warm blanket to curl up in and read until bedtime. It's perfect weather for it, after all.

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