Tuesday, October 30, 2012

All Hallow's Eve Eve

We went from a two hour delay to a complete school closure this morning due to flooding, which was an unanticipated but not unwelcome surprise. Girl's day in, with movies and popcorn and carving of pumpkins, which went reasonably well considering Small wanted to do an ogre. I'm fine with stencils, but free-handing and carving is not my forte.

A bit of confession: my first thought when the cancellation call came through was "oh, no, now I'll not get ANYTHING done with my day off."  Small is not a difficult child in any respect, but since there aren't many other children around for her to spout off with at length, she turns her attentions to me and Pat. Most times this isn't a problem, but she has a constant streaming monologue going most of the day, and it's difficult to pay attention to that and participate while at the same time trying to cross things off my to-do list. There are far too many days when I have huge mommy-guilt because I tell her no, I don't have time to play with dolls or read a story or sit and watch the tv with her.  After my "oh no" thought, someone must have felt the need to tweak me a bit, because over the course of today I managed to scrub the bathroom, do the dishes, run laundry, vacuum the house, make the bed, cook three meals, and we were still able to watch two videos, carve pumpkins, and spend some time over the Playmobil people together. (And yes, she was tucked into bed at her normal time.)

If I could figure out what the difference was between today and my normal half-crazed hectic schedule I'd have the key to happy home life.

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