Sunday, October 28, 2012

I have stood here before, inside the pouring rain...

Cold, wet, miserable weather, which is pretty much what I expect for this time of year. I don't know if it's selective amnesia, but the locals are always SHOCKED when the weather isn't 75 degrees and sunny in this area. Really, folks? You live in the SNOW BELT. It gets cold here! Yes, it's a shame that it will likely be raining over Halloween, but I think with thermals on under the costume and a large umbrella the Small should be perfectly okay with it.  It was drizzly and chilly last year at this time, as I recall, and we ended up the evening with hot chocolate and a movie after all the excitement, so I don't believe she was in the least disappointed with how things turned out.

Since Pat will be away this week due to work we decided to bump up the traditional "popcorn, cider and movie" night to yesterday, and Brother B joined us a bit later in the evening bearing a rather tasty shepherd's pie. Small seemed to like Mad Monster Party (and really liked the shepherd's pie, which I think Brother found gratifying). I'm thinking that after trick or treat we'll catch a short Halloween special.... either Charlie Brown, or Which Witch is Which. There are so many fun holiday specials I recall watching when I was younger, and she's finally hitting an age where she appreciates a lot of them. (Then again, this is the child whose favorite films list includes a lot of Ray Harryhausen.) We also did quite a bit of cooking today, which was dual purpose: one, Pat will be able to have some home cooked food instead of being forced to eat out every day this week, and two, it warmed the house up considerably. Win all around!

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