Tuesday, May 15, 2007

There's something very cleansing about rain.... It's been a bit hot and sticky today, but a wind just blew in and brought a light scattering of raindrops with it, cooling the air and weaving the smoke of arabian incense through the house. It also drove away the loud drunkards who have been swearing outside my window for the past hour, which is doubly nice.

I'm debating whether to finish up my chores for the evening, or if I should shut the lights off, lay out on the floor, and just listen to the sound of the rain. *breathes deeply*


JoeSinfonianOM said...

Ah.....Rain can be wonderful. It can be so relaxing. It's a great time to do some thinking or reading, or play some guitar on a nice porch if you're like me. I hope that you and the little one are doing well. :0)

Duamuteffe said...

Two words: Play Acadie

Anonymous said...

It's also great for calming down fractious freshmen at the end of school.


Dagdamor said...



Dagdamor said...

Just like the Rain, I am fallin for you, fallin for you now, Just like the Rain!