Sunday, May 13, 2007

This is my second Mother's Day with the mooch, and I honestly have to say that I keep forgetting I'm a mom. I have this awesome little person who lives with me and that I feed and clothe and change, but it's so much a part of my life that labelling it doesn't really make sense. It just is.

Last night one of the older gents at church specifically sought me out to give me a carnation-a tradition carried out by the local Knights of Columbus every year. I laughed and thanked him, and now I have a pretty pink and yellow flower brightening up my kitchen. This morning my daughter was busy tearing all over the place, then looked up at me and said "happy happy". The cuteness was overwhelming. But then, she's every bit as cute every other day of the year.

To all ladies, moms or no, I wish you a happy day- just because you deserve it.

(And happy 17 month birthday, Mooch. Love you to pieces.)


Bill said...

Happy Mother's Day, Megin. I hope you and Mooch are doing well.

Duamuteffe said...

Oh yeah- happy slightly late Mother's Day, sweetheart! Silly us, we sort of took it as a given, too!

Dagdamor said...

something like that happened to me once, I had this person that lived on my couch not with me, and that i fed, and, well i didn't change him but thats besides the matter. And then one day he just kinda left. So do i get to get presents for Fathers Day?:D

purple_kangaroo said...

Baby E is into singing "happy, happy, happy" right now too, and it's terribly cute. Happy Mother's Day!