Monday, April 30, 2007

Currently Listening To:

And in no particular order:
Red Elvises- I Wanna See You Bellydance

Warren Zevon- My Ride's Here

La Volee D'Castors- Par Monts Et Par Vaux

The Muppet Show- 25th Anniversary Collection

Metallica- S&M

A little schizophrenic, but no one said you had to stick to one genre. (And many thanks to Duamuteffe for letting me raid her collection. I've been dancing all week.)

Managed to catch myself a spring cold which has finally settled deep in my chest... Hopefully things will clear up so I can get my baking done for next week. I am so far behind I've lapped myself. *sighs* I did take advantage of the down time and spent part of the afternoon cataloguing the mooch's vocabulary, which was interesting. I think the list is up to 52 words that she uses on a daily basis, which (in my totally biased opinion) is pretty good for a not quite 17-month old. She's enjoying the music as well.... Nothing funnier than watching a little one in footie pajamas dancing around to French Canadian folk music (unless it's watching her mama doing the same thing).


Duamuteffe said...

52 words? Whoa, that is pretty awesome! And yes, feel free to raid the CD's as much as you desire! There should be a metric ton of TMBG cd's there...

Dagdamor said...

French Canadian Folk Music, interesting, and how exactly did you come across that particular niche i wonder? and hows that cold coming along?

Dagdamor said...

so i was walking outside Wal-Mart and... :D

Duamuteffe said...

Actually, I was half-asleep in the truck on the way home from helping groom at Bromont, and the driver had the radio on NPR, and they had a couple of songs from La Volee D'Castors. They stuck in my mind until about seven years later, when the internet evolved a bit more and I was able to track down their CD's, and I hacve tried to share them with everybody ever since. They're great.

Dagdamor said...

D'Castors, i'm taking a french course right now and am puzzling over why the De is contracted to Castors, which doesn't begin in a vowel or silent H.