Thursday, August 11, 2005

Gratuitous Photo Day!

These handsome fellows are the men I live with-

My boys!

Look at those serious faces!!!! They're usually much more cheerful than this, but it seems that no one in the family is particularly fond of photography. I certainly can't say too much- the last professional photo I had taken was six years ago under EXTREME duress (thanks, Mom). These two discovered each other not too long ago after I made the mistake of stopping at PetSmart to look for fish. Mummy wanted some nice guppies to put in the dining room, and she came home with two puppy eyed boys absolutely in love with each other. Go figure. I just couldn't stand up to the whimpering and the mewing (and that was coming from the BIG one)!

Anyway, these troublemakers keep my life interesting. Their latest trick is to wake up VERY quietly, sneak out of bed and get all cleaned up, then come in and POUNCE on me until I finally drag myself out of bed to come play. They're both asleep right now, actually, curled up next to me on the couch, but I hate to wake them and send them to bed. They're too funny to watch when they're sleepy. Baby actually tried NURSING off Daddy one morning while they were still semi-asleep, and what a fuss THAT caused! (It will also be a great story for parties for years to come, I'm sure. *evil grin*)

So in lieu of a real post, I figured a picture would do nicely. :)


Running2Ks said...

How terribly cute! And the nursing thing LOL! Thanks for visiting me today. Come back again soon. I'm glad to have found you.

Al said...

#falls over laughing#

Psychobabble said...

hahaha that nursing story is hilarious