Monday, July 25, 2005


Didn't realize that two whole months had gone by without an update. *slap on the wrist* Eh, well.

Spent two weeks back in PA due to a family emergency- father in law had a nasty hospital scare, but after some serious open heart surgery he looks like a new person and is already back home. The circumstances certainly weren't ideal for a first visit home in seven months, but it was nice to be back. I must apologize to everyone who had limited or no visiting time with us, but we were on the road so much back and forth to the hospital there wasn't much time to spend on happier things. I promise that the next time we're in town it will be better.

The move to Texas is officially off, thank heaven. It's taken almost three months to figure that out, but we won't be moving south any time soon. We're still waiting for official word from the medical board as to whether or not Scott will be staying on as a soldier for the next three years, though, or if they'll allow him a medical discharge. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the second one, because we're eager to get away from this area and see about getting our potential house in living condition. The board was supposed to be in touch with us earlier this month, but if they're anything like I expect, we won't be hearing from them for at least another month or two at best.

I've officially decided that I despise air travel. It is uncomfortable, inconvenient, and destroys any of the fun one should have while soaring above the clouds. I've scheduled several flights since 9-11, and on EVERY SINGLE ONE I've been chosen for "additional security measures"- i.e., having a female transportation agent stand me at attention and proceed to pat me down ineffectually while scanning my open toed sandals and miniature purse for high explosives and potentially dangerous objects, including the bobby pins I might use to poke out the pilot's eyes after I stealth my way into the cockpit using a compact mirror and a stick of gum. Security at airports is sloppy at best, and the "extra measures" most airlines have implemented serve only to delay lines and make people grouchier than normal. *grumble grumble* Why is it that after being subjected to this sort of search, I feel the need to figure out exactly HOW one could sneak something by security, thus proving how incompetent their methods truly are? However, if I did happen to let someone know, instead of giving up the ghost and going back to regular measures they'd simply try to add more time consuming and ridiculous checks to the pre-flight schedule. From now on, I'm taking the train!

I think the weather is also conspiring to make fun of me. I detest the grey raininess of Seattle, but over our two week stay at home the temperatures soared and the humidity was abysmal, and now that we're back in WA the sun is shining and it's beautiful and cool outside. Go figure.

Well, I just thought I'd drop a brief note and let everyone know we're alive and well here at the Shiksa house. Updates as warranted! :)


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purple_kangaroo said...

Airport security flabbergasts me too.

Al said...

Heya, sweetie!

Don't worry about being a hermit; I've been meaning to call you back for, er, a month now, I think #whistles innocently# Sorry we didn't get a chance to see you, but it's perfectly understandable with all the rushing about to hospitals and stuff. There will be a quieter visit, I am sure.

Love ya,

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Oh, and thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

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Long, long hiatus. We'll have no more of that!

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Hey there, "MM":)

Great news...and wonderful photo of your two 'best guys';). Hoping to share a cuppa at Michelle's soon! 'Auntie Nanda'