Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wow... Lots of changes since I was last in here. It's almost pretty enough for me to want to write again, in spite of my overwhelming tendency towards privacy (and lack of social life).

Honestly, though- so many blogs now are "themed": mommy blogs, design blogs, cooking blogs... I don't have nearly that much organization in my life. I feel fortunate if I manage to get out the door with everything the small and I need for the day. It drives me crazy. By the time I make it home from work I'm done-in enough not to plan for the next day beyond swapping music in and out of my day bag, but I've no idea what to do about it. Shameful, really. It was pointed out to me today, however, that I might have a bit more pep if I actually took a daily vitamin, so perhaps that will be the next step. *sigh* I hate pills.

I'm debating looking for one of those "writing prompt" pages.... just to get back into things and participate rather than sitting back and wasting time blankly staring at other people's pages. Then again, if I can't find anything worthwhile to write about on my own, how is a prompt going to improve things? And does the world really need one more crappy blogger wasting bandwidth?

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Anonymous said...

You need an attitude adjustment, whether it is through blogging or something else... Don't let that brightness from your high school days go into stagnation at 20 watts...