Monday, January 04, 2010

Just swept three feet of snow off my car, and from the looks of things out the window it will soon be covered again... the joys of winter in the snow belt. The munchkin is watching Bedknobs and Broomsticks for the umpteenth time and dancing about to the music, and I'm nursing an upset tummy and taking a break from post-holiday house cleaning. There's something incredibly bleak about the look of a room after the Christmas decorations have come down, especially when everything outside is white and grey. (On the plus side, David Tomlinson juggling is always good for a smile.)

I'm glad we're done with the bustle and I have a chance to breathe again- I'm still working on recovering my voice after 8 straight masses with no break in between, but at least the busy-ness is toned down until Easter rolls around in early April, and I can try and get things back to normal in the house. All the running has the kiddo incredibly off-schedule, which isn't good for either us... She's waking at odd hours, still working rich food out of her system, and just generally hyped up and hard to handle. She did an incredible job keeping it together over the long Christmas weekend, though, considering we didn't make it home until after midnight three days running. I forget sometimes that's she's only just turned four, she's such a capable little bug so much of the time. I'm both worried and impressed at how quickly she picks up on things. Her nana bought her a keyboard/PC tablet combo that plugs into the main computer and is basically a digital preschool, and the clever little monkey plugged the USB cable into the proper port and started the program WITHOUT ME SHOWING HER. *fears for my sanity when she hits school age*

I didn't bother making any resolutions for the new year- I have a hard enough time not beating myself up on a daily basis without having impossible goals hanging over my head, but I figured posting on here would be a nice change of pace from my usual banging about the 'net.


Don said...

Hey there Megin, how have things been for you lately?

Bravo001 said...

your New Years resolution should be to make more scones! It's easy and epically delicious!

Dagdamor said...

you know where she gets it from ;)