Monday, August 04, 2008


Yet another blogging break, but there's been a lot going on and not a lot of time (or energy) to write about it.

We're now done with the divorce coping seminars and the custody mediation. Ex is allowed to have supervised visits with the kiddo on a schedule that we work out between ourselves.  He's apparently informed his mother that this should only be for "a few visits, though, and then he'll get unsupervised", which is a load of hooey, but that's par for the course. Custody papers should be arriving in the mail this week sometime, which is good, and if everything goes well and the other set of papers are signed I should be officially divorced sometime in September.  No guarantees on that, but we shall see. (If not then the process goes on without him sometime next March.) 

As a condition of our getting out of the mediation with a minimal amount of fuss I had to agree to take the baby out for lunch with Ex so we could discuss visitation. We met at the local Chinese restaurant and had an uneventful meal, and before we left I held the tray of fortune cookies out for Mooch to pick which she wanted. She looked over them for a minute, then handed one to Ex, one to me, and kept the last for herself. Her fortune was something like "among the lucky, you are the chosen one".  Mine was along the lines of "appearances are deceiving, but endurance is gold."  Scott opened his last, and when he broke it in half no slip of paper showed through. I suggested that it might have been tucked into one side or the other, but when he crumbled the rest of the cookie it was apparent that there was no fortune. He tossed the remains on the table, muttering about how "see, everyone f*@#ing hates me".  Funny how that works.

Had a great visit with my friends from W. Va that Thursday, though they had some car trouble (*yipes!*) - we watched the new Sweeney Todd movie and I was given a crash course on how to use my new sewing machine, and we all played with Mooch's new Playmobil toys. (They have pirates! And a zoo! And little hedgehogs!!!  Squeeee!!!!)  If that wasn't enough, they sent us a box full of sewing goodies and an adorable little orange kitteh this week- Mooch keeps trying to smuggle it away because it's "so soft, Mommy!"  *smile* 

Tuesday was spent in the ER because of another blood clot issue (which is slowly resolving itself due to home remedy, and with absolutely no help from the doctor *sigh*), and Wednesday and Thursday I was in training for substitute teaching in the fall. The job may prove to be interesting, but from what the instructors were discussing and what I've seen myself in the schools this has actually firmed my resolve in not being a full time educator in the public school system. Educational all around, really.

Mooch is now having a bowl of sherbet and watching Labyrinth, and I think I'll join her after I make a few phone calls- can't type too much with the bad arm or it starts to yell at me. Happy Monday, all.


Dagdamor said...

i got the same fortune cookie that alaina did :D simply more evidence that we are tied for life. so how did you like the Todd? :)

mithris0 said...

Ouchies on the arm Hon! If Kitteh gets grubby lookin' from extra lovin' tie him into a pillowcase and throw him in the washer and then let him air dry for ~two days... my mom did this with all my stuffed toys cus I drug 'em everywhere. :)

Joe said...

Hey, buddy. Im sorry that you had to go to the ER and I missed ya in Erie that Tuesday. Wish I could have met your little buddy and had some fun at the zoo. Im glad you are okay, though. Maybe we can reschedule or something. See ya online, I guess. :^)