Thursday, July 17, 2008


We've less than a week to go until the custody mediation. I'm trying to limit my absolute gut-wrenching terror to a half hour a day for sanity's sake, but the closer we get to game time the harder it is to rein in. The phone calls I've received today haven't helped much either..... My cousin had his mediation yesterday, and now they're going into court proceedings; my sister has called twice since she returned from Florida to let me know that things at home are even more insane than usual, and it seems to be spreading... *sigh*

In an attempt to keep things normal we're staying busy- Mooch is on the potty training bandwagon again, thanks to some brand new (ladybug!) underthings, and between frantic rushing to the bathroom and frequent trips to the laundromat (on rough days) and the grocery store (for balloons and "tasty eggs" on good days) things are moving along. I dropped off my application for substitute teaching yesterday, so we'll see where that goes as well. I'm not really sure that subbing is going to work for us, but at least I can see if I'm still marketable. In any case, I'll have my state clearances, so if subbing isn't in the offing I could potentially get a job at a daycare (and still be able to take Mooch to work with me). 

I've also spent a bit of time working on crochet things... I realize that making a yarn afghan on a 90 degree day in July seems a bit insane, but when you figure that it will be done in time for the cool weather it makes a bit more sense. I'm experimenting with a few patterns to see how well they work up with an eye to starting an Etsy store. I want to be absolutely sure that I can't muck them up before I consider making something to sell. *smile* My grandmother also dropped off a sewing machine for me to take a bang at, but since I've never actually worked with one I'm a bit hesitant to give it a go. Maybe on our next library trip I'll see what they have in the way of sewing basics. 

I really need to find Mooch a new bathing suit so we can start going down to the community pool on these sweltering days. She liked splashing around the shallow end last year, so perhaps I should bump suit-shopping up on the priority list, particularly if the mercury is going to hover around ninety. I think we're going to sit in front of the fan for a bit longer and then call it a day. 


Suzanne said...

Hey Shiksa, I'm thinking about you. I've got the big day marked on my calendar so I can send lots of good vibes your way on that day.

Love and Blessed Be,


mithris0 said...

Hey,... I can manage a straight stitch on a machine... I can give ya a hand when we come up next, if ya want.

check email... :)