Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Note of Explanation

I'm sure some of you were scratching your heads when you got the email about being invited to this site, especially since it's been up for ages and you've probably read it at least once or twice already. It was brought to my attention that certain individuals have been doing searches to try and find this page, and since we've got some semi-private information and pictures of the kiddo on here, I decided I wanted it taken off the radar. Sorry about the inconvenience, but since you were nice enough to sign in and stop by I'll try and be a bit better about updating. It's the least I can do. :)

On the plus side, Mooch and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather today and went for a long walk around the neighborhood, and she is currently sleeping off the extra dose of Vitamin D. We saw not one, but TWO kitties on our stroll, and there's a quiche going in the oven in about ten minutes for supper (ham and swiss, if anyone wants to stop by). 

Hope everyone is well!


Dagdamor said...

thank you muchlikes for the invite, i meant to email you like you said but you know me, but did you know that i like quiche?

Dagdamor said...

i also like gorditas, but there was just too little time :D