Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Random Five from the playlist...

  • When The Stars Go Blue- Ryan Adams
  • Army Dreamers- Kate Bush
  • Jealous of Your Cigarette- Hawksley Workman
  • Shadow Stabbing- Cake
  • Hotel Yorba- The White Stripes

It's been quite the week. The appointment with the lawyer was both disappointing and heartening at once, if that makes sense. The divorce papers were never filed due to an address issue (since the ex has moved at least three times in the past year), but they should be in the proper hands by the end of the week. I walked out of the office absolutely devastated, feeling like the past year had just been wasted time and we were starting from scratch, but after several deep breaths and a trip to the Salvation Army (which resulted in several fabulous outfits for the kiddo and three highly successful skirts and an evening gown for me) I had calmed enough to look on the delay as more advantageous than not. It’s been a year of breathing room, and a year that let the ex know that I’m serious when I sat that I neither need nor want him in my life, and that we’re much happier on our own.

Despite the lingering idea that our lives are on hold until the divorce is finalized,
I can step back and see that progress really has been made. I don’t automatically rise to the bait when the ex tries to make me feel guilty for things that aren’t my fault. We’ve turned an essentially blank apartment into a comfortable home, and when things do go wrong I know what to do to get things done. I know that I have family I can go to without feeling guilty or useless when I need help, and that sometimes it’s okay to say that enough is enough and take some time out.

The Memorial Day picnic at the Farm was lovely, as is every trip we make up that way. The weather Sunday was positively golden, and between the bubble blowing on the lawn and the hike through the woods the baby was sufficiently worn out to sleep in a bit on Monday. Plus, Jeremy took us all for a ride in the Corvair, and there are few things nicer than a drive on a warm day with the top down so you can look at the sunshine filtering through the trees and feel the wind teasing your hair. I think if I could bottle the essence of the day it would look like sunshine streaked with amber, and when uncorked there would be a faint breeze carrying the scent of warm earth and lilacs.

Bonus!!!  Someone was being adorable during lunch today, so here are a 
few photos: 


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