Friday, April 25, 2008

Sorry about the extended absence- we had a nasty power outage here two weeks ago which wiped out my modem, leaving us internet free (and slightly crazy). In a completely unrelated incident the TV died on the same day, so I've spent the fortnight attempting to keep my two year old entertained and out from underfoot without resorting to electronics. Thanks to the Bravo Team, though, we are now internet and TV capable and ready to roll! (You guys are fabulous. *smile*)

Mooch is making some serious headway on the potty front- we've had one solid week where she's used the big girl seat morning and evening successfully, and I've just put her into a pair of fancy purple underpants.... I'm not expecting miracles, but I'm pleased so far. It's given us plenty of time for book reading, oddly enough. Part of the incentive program is that Mommy is captive in the bathroom and must read four to five books before any action occurs in the bowl. (Another big step, since the kiddo is an unusually busy person and didn't like to sit still long enough for a story before. Now she's begging for them. Hurrah!)  The other big draw for going potty is the promise of balloons. Grandma told her last week that if she did her business like a big girl she could have a balloon, and that night we had to phone directly from the bathroom to let her know the results. *laughs* We now have photos of a beaming young lady seated on the throne with a large "Congratulations" balloon clutched in her pudgy fist. 

We've also been taking advantage of the gorgeous (and unseasonal) April weather. We've made more trips to the playground and run ourselves ragged, taken a few long walks (or in the Mooch's case, stroller rides) about town, and Wednesday was spent at the lake digging toes in the sand and playing a mean game of catch thigh-deep in the water. I'm currently sporting a sunburn from shoulders to fingertips, and it was totally worth it. She wasn't quite sure how to feel about digging around in bare feet at first, but by the end of the afternoon she was plunging in up to her waist to go after Allison's Foxtail, covered from head to foot in sand and muck and happy as could be. 
It was a golden afternoon. 

Nothing quite like sand between the toes.

Can't let the kids have ALL the fun!

This is great!

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Bravo001 said...

It was great to have you up as always. We need to find a way to do that more often!