Saturday, February 02, 2008

My thoughts are a bit disjointed lately, but overall this week has been an improvement over the last. I've kept the phone lines tied up, which makes a big difference. The ex managed to sneak in on the coattails of a business call this evening, but once I informed him that I wasn't interested in how awful his life is and refused to acknowledge his pleas to "just come and shoot me in the face", he gave up. (Yes, he really does ask me to do this. Nearly every time he calls, in fact. I've finally recognized that it's yet another attention-getter, and I refuse to rise to the bait.) He also seems to have recovered from his "seizure" quickly enough- he was discharged from the hospital after less than 24 hours, so I wonder exactly how dire the situation was to begin with. *shrug* Ah, well.

I probably shouldn't have done it, things being what they are, but Wednesday I splurged a bit at the thrift store and came home with several new work outfits. Now that I've started putting applications in again I figured I needed to spruce up the wardrobe a bit. I got a gorgeous embroidered top with Chinese collar in a rich purple, two silk shirts, one chocolate and one a button down in a patterned red, a lacy black and silver overshirt, a white button down and another in blue stripes, and (though I blush a bit to admit it) a short red dress with a faux Japanese print. I tried on another satin dress that I wasn't entirely sure about, but since Jessika bought it for me I've been informed that I have to start wearing dresses. *smiles* I'm not a particularly dress-up sort of girl; I've just had it in my head for some time that I can't wear fancy outfits because I end up looking awkward instead of polished, but all these things were so pretty it's convinced me at least to try.

It also occurred to me just moments ago that I've had an amazing downturn in my music consumption. There was a time when I couldn't sleep without headphones, couldn't run the vaccuum without the stereo playing above the hum of the motor. Besides work, from which I've grown so detached I couldn't tell you what I played a day later, my main sources of music have been the various ditties on Mooch's favorite video of the day, or the impromptu concerts she performs on toy piano and xylophone. I don't even bother singing in the shower anymore. How odd.

Spinach and mushroom quiche for lunch before work tomorrow, and then a free day Sunday. Suggestions for how to spend the day?


Anonymous said...

Come home and bring the new clothes!
And the old ones too! LOL!
Can't be a good muse without music- jump back in, the water's fine and awaiting your sopran/alto.
Best as always/(M):a&cc

Duamuteffe said...

Do something for *you*, sis- and enjoy whatever you do! Unplug the phone and put the chain on the door. Take a hot bath, burn some incense, read a book, play with your daughter, watch some Jeeves and Wooster, cook something chocolately and decadent, and listen to music. I think that covers all the senses.