Saturday, January 26, 2008

Long Week

It seems lately that the more interaction I have with relatives, either mine or Ex's, the longer the week becomes. This week has proven to be very long. Phone calls every day, more *unintended* visits than I care to think about, and more hassle than I really cared to deal with, especially when I'm still working on getting over this ridiculous cold. Today proved to be a continuation of the trend. The morning began with several phone calls informing me that my babysitter would be unavailable during work this evening, but my family would be MORE than happy to fill in. This was followed by a frantic call from Ex's mother, informing me he'd had some sort of medication-induced seizure and she was taking him to the emergency room. Follow up call to say they were at the hospital and he was being tested, but seemed to be doing fine. Call to grandmother to see if she'd babysit ended up as a long lecture on how I should just "let things go"- in reference to my sister smacking my daughter WHILE I WAS HOLDING HER because the *sick, exhausted* kid was avoiding putting on her coat. Lecture morphed into reasons why I absolutely should file for child support and welfare, and why it's silly that I haven't because I don't want Ex involved in our lives any more than I can help.


It's days like this when I wonder if I'm not the one-in-five who is certifiable.

We did visit Allison this week, which was a welcome sanity break, and I've picked up some more yarn for the lap blanket I'm crocheting. (Mooch likes to come over while I'm working and stroke the blanket, then lay her head on it and tell me "soft!" The cute, it's unbelievable.) Her cold has improved, finally, and I'm hoping that means a return to sleeping through the night.

Oh... We've also discovered that homemade split pea soup in the crockpot is a wonderful thing. Four meals later we're still not tired of it. Next is stuffed peppers.


Mithris said...

sending you a GIANT,fluffy hug

Duamuteffe said...

Where are the peas? They split. #grins#

I would say that it's more your biological and legal family that are 4 in 5 certifiable. Certainly 99.9% of them are complete assholes.

Hang in there, Sis #hugs# Some day we're going to reminisce about this- we can call them 'The Bad Old Days' if you want #grins#- and reflect on how hugely better everything's gotten. Just hang in there. #more hugs#

Let us know if you need anything...

Anonymous said...