Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Bread and ashes

One loaf gone, one started on, and I can safely say that the English Muffin bread, while it didn't rise as well as I would have liked, was a tasty success. Now that I've procured some new yeast we'll try again, and possibly get a sourdough starter going as well.

Bustling day here- I played for the morning and evening Ash Wednesday services, and despite some mixed messages and last minute program changes we muddled through well enough. The church is starting to re-incorporate certain Latin passages into the Mass, so we spent ten minutes near the beginning learning how to pronounce the Kyrie, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei. There are some absolutely GORGEOUS music settings in Latin, but I've only ever done them for choir concerts. However, the priest is hoping to have a full Latin service by the end of Lent, so we shall see how it goes. (Aside: the actual priest for the church has been away since last November due to medical issues, and it seems he's back in the hospital for more testing. Any positive thoughts you could send his way would be greatly appreciated.)

Mooch and I got home a bit after eight o'clock, and we both cozied up on the living room floor with our vegetable soup and toast and watched an episode of Wind in the Willows. (Sipping your supper with a snuggly little girl pressed against your side is the ultimate in cozy. Nothing better for a rainy evening!)

Possible trip to Edinboro tomorrow, so I'm off for one last cup of tea before calling it in for the evening.


Dagdamor said...

oh sure, just rub it in why don't ya, you and your girly snuggling abilities. but you'll see, YOU'LL ALL SEE!
so the new priest wants a full Latin mass by Easter? at least he's ambitious. you know, it took almost 2000 years for the mass to be said in a language people can understand, now everybody wants to go back to using a dead language from an empire that died 1500 years ago, amazing :D

KibitzingShiksa said...

My dear Dag- teh Mooch has sent many snuggles your way, so you needn't feel left out. (She was also mad at me the other day for putting her coat on and wanted you to save her.) So there you go.