Thursday, October 04, 2007

Random Bits of Thursday...

It's been one of those sort of weeks. We won't go into details, but Shiksa Central has been a hotbed of crankiness and things are still a bit edgy. On the plus side, since Mooch is a self-proclaimed "big gul", we are now potty training!!!! Unfortunately, it seems that being a "big gul" also means that the afternoon nap is a thing of the past. *le sigh* We'll get it balanced out one of these days.

In the meantime, here are some of the thoughts jumping about my cranium at the moment:

- I think I have a girlie crush on the Dresden Dolls. I want to take both of them out for sushi. Or breakfast. After an all night chat fest and jam session.

- The cinnamon broom I bought this week is the best five dollars I've ever spent. My room smells fantastic.

- I downloaded an adorable pattern for a stuffed cat two (three?) weeks ago. I have the materials, but I'm too afraid to start it.

- Fall is the best time of year. It's pretty, it smells good, and you can go wild with the cooking without roasting yourself in the process. (Usually. What's up with this weather?)

- There are few things cuter than a not-quite-two year old asking for music so she can dance. Especially when she expects you to join in.

- I really need to go clothes shopping. Pleh.


Anonymous said...

So, Dear, here we are again.

Still thinking about you.



Anonymous said...

CinBroom and Indian Painted Desert- Aromatix at its best!

Duamuteffe said...

Clothes shopping = Pleh. Thrift stores FTW, however.

Mooch = Awesome. Hehehehe, must get her some more Devo to listen to...

Bad week = Will get better. Like Suz says, things always get better in the end. If things aren't better, it's not the end yet.

Stuffed Cat = Go for it! Learn by doing, that's what I do, and half the time it turns out fine! (the other half the time it's still pretty interesting #grins#)

Dagdamor said...

the guy and the girl? who make cool music i must say.
yes, this weather is crazy, and shows no signs of stopping. by the way meg, i uh, sorta commandeered one of your guitars last night, so i could practice Iron Man and this other song from Saosin, an "emo" band ;D in fact, why don't we start calling that neo-emoism? anyways, i stole your guitar, so uh, i hope you dont ming :D

Anonymous said...


Dagdamor said...

Congrats :D i'm the shiksa brother btw, might i know you? and meg, you still haven't answered about which Dresden Doll you have a crush on, if not both :D

Anonymous said...


I met her in college. My fiance and I took a strong liking to her. I'm not sure if you met us, we did met some sisters if I'm not totally incorrect.