Friday, August 17, 2007

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Norton Anthology of Children's Literature
James Thurber- The Wonderful O
Ogden Nash- You Can't Get There From Here
EB White- Writings from The New Yorker
Barron's Passkey to the GRE
Bill Watterson- The Essential Calvin and Hobbes

It was pointed out to me the other day that when I disappear from the blog for any amount of time it means I'm getting caught up in the more unsavory aspects of life. This much is true- when faced with an overflow of problems, I invariably withdraw into myself and avoid people at all costs. And it has been that sort of month. Please don't get me wrong. An overflow of problems is relative, assuredly, but lately I find that I'm not able to cope as well as I have in the past. Something relatively minor can throw me into a tailspin that will keep me up at night, edgy all day, and just miserable to be around.

The job hunt is producing few results currently, which bothers me probably more than it should. We're managing, but I am an inveterate worrier and that black, looming pit of debt scares me witless. *sigh*

The baby is a joy as always, though, and she helps me get through the day. Her vocabulary has expanded to the point where I can't keep track of it, and she is able to communicate her wants in as articulate a manner as one could ask for. Unfortunately, her biggest want currently is for a furry housepet. *smiles* I guess she does take after her mummy in certain regards. She will climb in my lap while I'm working at the desk and ask for kitties until I open up I Can Has Cheezburger, whereupon she squeals and giggles and points out all the kitties who are "sleeping" (eyes shut).

I'm going to light some incense and listen to Cake for a bit, and once Mooch wakes from her nap we're off to the grocery store. Any suggestions for two person meals?


Grey said...

2 Person Meal? Pizza... Large Pizza, can lost for a couple of days ;-)

Damn, now I'm hungry... #grin#

Chin up lass, thing's will turn out right, you'll see.

Anonymous said...

A third person!
At a home that provides comfort....


Anonymous said...

and a special pre-owned kitty!


BravoPIE said...

well I'm always willing to stop by for food. In fact, I might be in the area for a bit over the next few weeks.

but for 2 people meals.

mac and cheese. (add cut up hot dogs to get some more protein in the meal and to extend the meal farther.

PB & J sandwiches. (you really can't go wrong with that)

1 loaf of art's bakery pepperoni and cheese bread. (it costs 4.79 and lasts me between 1-2 days depending on hunger level) [/product placement]

ramen noodles. simple and efficient.

luncheon meat. costs between 3-6 dollars depending on where you go. Get it sliced super thin. That makes it taste better and makes it last longer if you're frugal. Ham and turkey are always a delectable combo.

1 meal from the main moon. That's enough to fill 2 people for almost an entire day!

and that's all I've got! So I'll ttyl when I have more weird ideas. w00t!

Duamuteffe said...

Some ground beef, some egg noodles, and some canned peas. Cook separately, mix up with butter when hot. Bummy used to make it when we were kids; it's good comfort food.

Make your own bread? I'll give you some of my sourdough starter if you like (I think it's still operational...)

Go to lunch at Bummy and Pappap's. Then you'll have enough leftovers for several days :)

Duamuteffe said...

"Best quote on staying positive, as always: "Don't let the bastards grind you down."


My baby said to me
"I feel so DEVO
I don't know what to do"

It's OK because she's free
How low can you go?
That's really up to you...

Dagdamor said...

Best quote on Ramen noodles, "If you teach a man to fish, he can eat for a lifetime. If you give a man Ramen noodles, you don't need to teach him to fish."