Saturday, July 14, 2007


I forgot how much I absolutely adore Anne Taintor... She's my kind of sarcastic, and the women in the photos (ad shots from the 30's-50's) are absolutely stunning.

Anne has her own merchandise line here- Anne Taintor

I may have to invest in a dozen or so of the magnets, just because.

Life is chugging along here in Shiksa Central, and the Mooch is rapidly becoming a hit with the locals due to her fantastic stage dancing. Since I've had some babysitter issues in the past I take her with me on most outings, and now that I'm singing backup with the local bluegrass band she goes right up on stage with us and puts on her own little performance. (I've had approval from all the band members up front, btw, and the audience loves her as well, so no harm.) She's also showing some disturbing signs of wanting to learn piano and guitar, and possibly chess. I really have no idea how I will manage this child once she hits two.

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Dagdamor said...

CHESS, i knew i liked that kid :D i look forward to playing with her, and possibly you too meg, we never did play. however, i am a bit out of practice, i was on yahoo chess and got my butt beat around at about 4 tables so i quit :D