Saturday, June 09, 2007

Singing the Blues

Well, bluegrass, anyway.

I promised some folks that I'd listen to some music that their band does pretty regularly and see if I could sing with them for a couple of things. There's a small concert coming up in two weeks, so I sat down tonight to have a good long listen to the cd's they've loaned me, especially since there are a lot of harmony bits I have to work out by ear.

I was doing all right for a while- there are a few bouncy gospel-type songs, a couple silly things... I put everything in a list on my computer and had them spitting out randomly so I could pick up as much as I could on the fly. We are dealing with bluegrass, though, and I finally hit a couple really wrenching ones, and now I'm crying so much I had to shut the music off because my throat closed off.

Crying! Because of a couple of songs! What the hell is the matter with me? And how am I supposed to do this concert if I can't even LISTEN to the damn stuff?


Duamuteffe said...

I would assume you needed it, sweetheart.

"If you've ever wondered
Just how to shake your blues
Just follow this perscription
and get the cure for what is ailing you
Music is the doctor
You feel like you want to
Listen to the doctor
Just like you want to
Music is the doctor
Of my soul..."

- The Doobie Brothers, "The Doctor"

And Kahlil Gibran's "The Prophet" takes it from there...

purple_kangaroo said...

I like bluegrass. I hope the concert goes well.