Monday, April 23, 2007

Sudoku has eaten my soul

It's true, it's true! If I walk into a bookstore or department store and see that Sudoku puzzle book leering at me from the discount shelf, my higher self completely shuts down and the book finds its way into my basket. There are actually two giant sudoku books residing in the apartment currently, and the little voice in the back of my head won't be satisfied until they are completely filled out (without looking at the nifty answers in the back)!


Sudoku aside, I have a hefty pile of books to get through this week before the library wants them back. I picked up a marvelous Wodehouse omnibus of Jeeves and Wooster stories, but between this and that I've only been able to sample a few chapters. I absolutely adore J&W- they're just the right balance of readable and laughable. (That, and I always picture Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry playing in the PBS series... *swoon* I want to give Stephen a giant bear hug, I really do.) Also in the pile is a biography of Tolkien, an annotated Sherlock Holmes, and the letters of Beatrix Potter. I try to be a few steps ahead when it comes to tutoring, and I find that the kids like to have a little background info on the authors while they're reading. Makes for more fun with the analytic readings as well.

We had a little diversion this weekend- there was a dulcimer concert on Sunday at the church across from my parents' place, so the mooch and I took a drive and spent the afternoon listening to some great folk stuff. Folk music is one of my guilty pleasures. I got teased about it quite a bit during college, but just because it's simple doesn't make it any less musical (and actually, I find it more listenable for just that reason). The venue was nice and casual, the people were friendly, and the baby got to dance around a little bit during some of the more upbeat numbers, which was great. If the arts council in your area sponsors concerts featuring local artists, go!!!! Admission is usually ridiculously cheap (this weekend was only a five dollar donation for two plus hours of music) and the quality of musicianship is a lot better than you might expect.

Sudoku calls, and I must answer... (but where does that darn 5 go???)


Dagdamor said...

I can't believe i missed that, i was in Pittsburgh, ON A SUNDAY! by the bye, would you be interested in coming to my play meg? wed. is free night for those of the house, Thurs.-Sat. is at 8p.m., 7$ if you're interested, a ridiculously low price for a chance to see me!

KibitzingShiksa said...

Provided you can guarantee more than five minutes of Dag-sposure, we might be amenable to that. Have to find a sitter, though. That's pushing the mooch's bedtime.

Dagdamor said...

Well, i'm in at least 5 songs, have 5 different parts, and a fair amount of dialouge. i think we can scrape up a good 5 minutes :D we are a lil bit undermanned this year

Duamuteffe said...

Sorry I'll miss your play, kiddo- sounds like you're keeping a lot of plates in the air for it.

To quote my kid brother, Folk Music FTW. Borrow that Woods Tea Company CD of mine if you haven't already...Also the Gordon Lightfoot ones. I have the first greatest hits one, but all that and more is on the five album set (be forewarned- some of them are a bit 60's pop-ish..)