Thursday, April 19, 2007

I feel like I'm beating a dead horse currently. My poor dear laptop, which I've had for six years plus, has seen much better days. Three weeks ago the keyboard fell out and disappeared into the eager hands of my 16 month old, and I thought for sure that it had seen its final days as a working machine. The monitor has to lean against a lamp to stay upright, plastic casing pieces litter the table, and the circuitry is peeking out at me as I type. However, with a borrowed keyboard and a lot of love, it's holding on until my replacement desktop arrives. What dedication! What service! I can only imagine that once the new beastie is set up this will sigh a weary sigh and collapse into a tiny pile of nothingness, never again to roam the internets or copy another recipe. Lappy, we will miss you.

Computer issues aside, it has been an incredibly full week. I was invited to come to an organizational meeting of the local Farmer's Market to see if I would be a suitable vendor of baked goods, so Sunday and Monday were spent poring over cookbooks and whipping up batches of muffins and scones to take to Tuesday's meeting as samples. It would seem that my baking skills were found acceptable, as I now have a reserved table complete with electric hookup so I can whip up fruit tea smoothies to go with the muffins and things. The invitation to do this was a bit of a surprise, but now that I'm committed I'm really quite eager to see how it turns out. A few family members suggested to me in the past that I might have a go at baking for local coffee shops and things, and this gives me the chance to put my product to the test and see how things go. Now I just need to find some test subjects brave enough to try my baking before I put it up for sale. *grins*

I have several errands to run and I have to brainstorm a bit for a meeting I have next week, so that should keep me full up over the weekend. I also found out today that I'm no longer anonymous- someone I really didn't want to see has found out where I live,and was driving by in the wee hours of the morning, ostensibly to confirm my address and see that my car was here. *sigh* Nothing is sacred, I suppose, and privacy least of all. Amazing what one can find on the Internet.


Duamuteffe said...

Searching out your address when you've decided to keep it private, then driving by in wee hours of morning to "confirm you're home" = stalking. Seriously. That is not normal or acceptable behavior. Be careful, and keep your door chained and the police in mind and on speed dial.

Duamuteffe said...

Some info on stalking

And kudos on the Lappy hanging in there- what a tough little machine!

Duamuteffe said...

I'm not really up on religious literature, as defined by the parents, but if you can get nonreligious books in, how about these:

Black Beauty
Little Women
Alice In Wonderland/Alice's Adventures Through The Looking Glass
Sherlock Holmes (Any)
The Jungle Book
The Swiss Family Robinson
The Call of the Wild
White Fang
Anne of Green Gables
The Little Prince
Treasure Island
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
The Wind In The Willows
The Black Stallion
Jim Kjelgaard's dog books (esp. Big Red and Stormy)
The House At Pooh Corner
The Little House On The Prairie

Hope this helps...I'll try looking for some more religious themed books as well.

Bill said...

Wait, Lappy is still alive?

Dagdamor said...
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Dagdamor said...

and of Lappy, yes, he served me also, if only for a short time, make that one english paper, BUT IT WORKED!:D

Dagdamor said...

what did i say that got deleted, i can't remember. crap, i've been trying to get better at that, i have failed you Duamuteffe:( apologies Meg, though those seem to be running thin lately.

BravoPIE said...

There's an auther out there called Avi that writes kids books. They're all fairly simple and easy to read, and they should pass the catholic test.

My favorite book by him is probably "The True confessions of Charlotte Doyle." Check it out :-D

Furthermore, how do I get a hold of you? *this is teh kid btw, aka, the little brother, the whiz kid, etc etc. If you want to email me at nojimthenobleATgmailDOTcom, then proceed to delete this comment, that would be great!

much love!