Friday, December 09, 2005

I'll Be Home For Christmas.... Or Not.

I think I officially stopped living with my parents about four years ago- got an actual place in CollegeTown and spent the better part of the year there, but went home for weekends and things like that. (CollegeTown was only an hour's drive from the folks, so 'going home' once a week was easily doable.) Also, since home was so close I didn't really bother with decorating or celebrating at my own humble abode- I just hopped in the car and later that day I'd be surrounded by kids and craziness and the sort of celebrating that comes with having a family of ten. Last year was Scott and I's first Christmas together as a married couple, and instead of attempting any sort of brouhaha on our own we opted to just fly the three thousand miles and be with our families. (Scott had just gotten back from Iraq around that time as well, so it was a bit of a welcome home for him as much as a holiday thing.)

This year, however, we'll be on our own. Not by choice, mind, but because hubby was denied leave by his command, and I refused to go back east without him. It will be an odd feeling not having a houseful in the coming weeks, but maybe this will be our chance to come up with some of our very own holiday-type traditions.

Now a question for all of you: when you moved out/got married/skipped the country, did you take your holiday traditions with you, or did you come up with things unique to your new life? Bonus points if you feel like sharing details, just because I love hearing about other people's cool lives. :)


Anonymous said...

Last year I spent a quiet time with Garfield and my interspecies honey Dunkin, recalling to both of them how I was not fully appreciated except in my trailer home with my favorite slippers and chewtoys and a tall playful housemate.

Gar has since found a long-haired friend with cat aromas that make me happy to be here while being cared for like the princess that I am.

With rearranged furniture and some good DVD's I am sure you will enjoy this holiday season while you transition from army captives to real people elsewhere in places and times that you choose.

Best to you both,
CassCat d'Calico

Running2Ks said...

I took some, and made some. Like, we look at lights, and do the tree--and the menorah, but I added holiday baking and donating to the list, for example.

And now that we have kids, the holidays are definitely here by choice.

Anonymous said...

Now is the time to experiment, mixing the old traditions with new things you always wanted to try not only because you not at home but it is your first christmas at a new house witch always leaves room for changes. I regret not decorating the dank pit or the pirates cove for the holidays. Also this is your first chance to merge your two families stylesbut it all comes down to the tree REAL or fake but you might want a fence around it to kepp out the kitty

Merry Christmas Red and Happy and healthy New Year

Suzanne said...

I didn't really start decorating for Christmas for several years after I was out of my parents house too, really it was just two years ago. Jeff's mom bought us our Christmas tree, a little pre-lit 4 foot one that is just the right size for the apartment and So easy to set up. And also perfect for those with extreme allergies. I started out using the treetopper my parents had for over 20 years, but the little angel on the front of the spire met with an unfortunate accident while new carpet was being installed in our old apartment building. This year we hunted and hunted for a new one. Traditions of our own -- well, we have to put all the Star Wars ornaments from Hallmark on the tree. (yes, all of them, and there are about 25 with more coming. And Jar-Jar goes on too, just towards the back)
I think that's all for now. Neither Jeff or I (especially I) are the cookie making types. We still celebrate Christmas Eve and Day with our folks.

That was a longer comment than some of my blog posts!

- Suzanne

purple_kangaroo said...

I hope you have a great time starting your own traditions.

My parents don't celebrate Christmas and DH's family was wanting to revamp their celebration, so we've created our own traditions for ourselves and helped start some new ones for DH's family. Almost, but not quite, starting from scratch.

academic coach said...

hello - discovered you via your de-lurking post at Scrivener's.
And just HAD to come visit because of your blog name.

Appropriately, for your holiday tradition question in relation to your nomiker:
I was raised Methodist, my husband is Jewish, so we do EVERYTHING.

Christmas/Chanukkah was with family of origin until we had kids. And we liked that there was no competition - Christmas with my family, Chanukkah with his. But now that we have 4 daughters we guard our Christmas celebration and keep it just for the six of us in our own home.