Saturday, April 30, 2005

Public Service Announcement-

"Deal not in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup." (I absolutely LOVE people who cover their cars with odd bumper stickers. It gives me something to laugh about while I'm avoiding the psychotic highway drivers around here.The car sporting this gem also had some funnies mocking vegans and the current state of government.)

S is still recovering from surgery- had a checkup yesterday with the surgeon, and besides having a hematoma under the incision that gave an IMPRESSIVE fountain display when prodded, he's healing nicely. (I'm not squeamish- I've donated blood, and I've seen some nasty accidents. However, messy displays at 8am when I've had little sleep do not sit well with my tummy. Ick.) Dr. Mom made the diagnosis before we ever saw the surgeon (and by phone, no less!), so she gets a gold star.

On a different note, we are now the proud possessors of A KITCHEN TABLE!!!! (Can you tell I'm excited???) No more eating off laps while perched on the loveseat- I can place my plate securely upon a fine wooden surface designed solely for my eating and stuff gathering pleasure. Granted said table is currently covered with a half-assembled Thomas Kinkade puzzle, but I could move it aside to eat there if I chose! (The puzzle, once we manage to get all 1000 pieces together, will be glued and hung on the wall... Yes, we're getting DOUBLE the value out of this baby!)

We've also just received notice that the US gov'ment, in their eternal wisdom, is having us relocate in July. To the south. The deep South.... Practically Mexico. Did I mention we're moving in July? *the Shiksa takes a look at her Irish skin and heaves a deep sigh* I've always been a night owl anyway, so continuing my nocturnal tendencies may save me from skin cancer yet.

Anywho- S has decreed that tomorrow morning is housekeeping time, so I guess we'll be rolling out of bed a bit earlier than usual. (Darnit.) Off I go!


Anonymous said...

Is "decreed" a cussword? My Mommy said it was! And she looks for your new stuff every day!

Katherine Lynn Witte
4th Grade

Mithris said...

I once had a friend who often declared....

"Meddle not in the affairs of dragons for thou art crunchy and good with ketchup."


I will still say, until I'm dead or someone disproves me,... " I don't have to do anything but die. The rest I choose to do or not do based on whether I choose to accept the consequences."

Anonymous said...

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