Friday, April 15, 2005

Countdown is on!!!

S is finally getting his surgery- HURRAY!!!!!! After waiting nine months they're having him come in April 18th to stretch out the hip muscle that keeps snapping. He only gets two weeks off work for recovery, but two weeks is better than nothing, I suppose.

We both went to the physical therapist's office Monday to pick up his crutches and get tutored on what exercises he'll be doing for rehab... I probably shouldn't have done it, but I laughed until my sides hurt watching him practice going up and down a mock flight of stairs with the crutches- the therapist was laughing with me, so I guess he really WAS being silly about it. I suggested that he continue practicing until we got out to the car, but the look on his face shot that down pretty quickly. (Sometimes I can't help but be a bit of a stinker.) He's going to get plenty of practice in next week when he has to climb three flights of stairs right after surgery. :(

Speaking of that- we're currently trying to get a new apartment. There's nothing wrong with this place, per se, but since my car has been broken into twice in as many weeks, I feel a little bit less than comfortable. I wouldn't have known the second time but for the fact that my gas tank was on E, and when we went to fill up the locking mechanism on the tank had been broken off. I know gas is high, but REALLY, people. *sighs* It's also a considerable drive for S to get back and forth to the base, so something a bit closer would be nice.

We're both jumping back on the education train- S just signed up for classes online so he can finish his programming degree, and I'm his unofficial tutor/homework corrector. I'm looking into applying for some scholarships so I can get on with the Master's degree I've been dithering over, but that's not cemented yet. We'll see what happens.

It's grey and rainy here as usual- we even had hail on two separate occasions in the past week. (That'll keep 'em away from my car!!!!) The lack of sun really isn't helping my lavendar... Poor little bugger hasn't even broken the soil yet. *sigh* I just have a black thumb. Rather than sitting and trying to encourage it, though, I've been reading George Carlin's "Napalm and Silly Putty" and laughing hysterically. Normally I wouldn't consider such subjects as animal flatulence and Nascar racing particularly funny, but he puts such a nice, biting spin on things.

I'm off to fill out some more applications and flip the laundry, so I'll catch up to you later. Ciao.

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Doc AWM said...

Wow- more car BS in Seattle than NY?? Wasssupp w/dat?
Avoid the footnotes on NASCAR flatulence...
Best wishes on a speedy recovery 4S.