Sunday, October 10, 2004

Autumn In NY

Cool weather has finally found its way here, and the cozy indoor autumn time has arrived. I'm tapping away at my laptop in the warm kitchen looking out the window at the grey sky, and it's very satisfying to run back to bedroom and grab an extra sweater. When the weather is crisp like this and there's a steady breeze blowing, it really makes the senses perk- you feel the coolness on your skin, smell the freshness in the air... Everything has a superior clarity about it that makes me feel intensely alive. I wonder, though- if I'd lived somewhere else, would I have the same appreciation for these things? What if I'd never spent time in the woods on a fall day, soaking in the quiet and the cool and the intensity?

Some people look at fall as a dying time. Leaves are falling off the trees, the sun falls below the horizon earlier and earlier, and the bright frantic energy of summer vacation is harnessed as children trudge back into institutional classrooms. However, if you step outside on a fall afternoon and take a deep breath, you notice a vitality in the air that fades in the bright sun and hot weather of summer. You can almost feel the earth uncoiling, like a cat stretching in a patch of watery afternoon sun.

This is the time I like to refocus my energy... A chance to renew and restore before the cold silence of winter sets in. Enjoy the days- breathe deeply.


KibitzingShiksa said...

Here's hoping your next seasonal falling to be the best. Share it well with those who need to learn a better way to see it.
Your better buddy, A

Anonymous said...

This is a test of the emergency commenting system... This is ONLY a test....