Thursday, March 27, 2008

I forgot what a physical thing it is, to sing. I woke up Monday morning and couldn't figure out why my abdominal muscles were aching so badly- then I realized that I'd been singing practically non-stop for four days. I tend to overdo it a bit when I'm working with a choir, particularly when they aren't readers. It's easier for them to follow what I'm doing than to try and figure it out from their sheet music, and I end up trying to project over the whole group just to keep them together. I should NOT be able to out-volume a fifteen piece choir. Shouldn't have to, really. At least now the Easter festivities are over and if anything major comes up in the church schedule I'll have more than three rehearsals to go over things. There were some advantages to the exercise, however. When I got to my last service and sang my two solo pieces the congregation didn't complain about my not having a microphone. *chuckles*

With the intense church schedule and behind the scenes work taking up most of my time I didn't get to go all out for the Mooch this year. My aunt reserved us places at the Easter Bunny Brunch the local country club sponsors every year, so at least she had a chance to drink chocolate milk from a coffee mug and eat French toast before running around in the inches-thick snow to find a goodly pile of brightly colored eggs. She wasn't thrilled about meeting the bunny and refused to have her picture taken, but she did gravely accept the bag of treats he offered and arrived home with a decent assortment of candy and a very snuggly stuffed lamb.

Lambie is SERIOUS BUSINESS. He has taken up residence in the crib along with Puppy and Bear, and so far there have been no attempts made on his soft and squishy person. I'm not sure how long this idyllic existence will last.

Besides the breakfast and dinner at Bummy and Pappap's house, we didn't do much in the way of celebration- just a lot of churching. She was unbelievably well behaved throughout the six services she attended and received several compliments.

It only stands to reason that after such a prolonged period of angelic behavior she would spend the next few days getting into as much mischief as possible. She's attempted to leave the apartment, insisted on getting her own meals, wakened me at 6am by throwing everything she could get her hands on out of her bed, and yesterday she managed to climb out of the crib and land face first on the carpet. No harm done, thank goodness, but I'm sure it added a few grey hairs to my head. I think we'll start looking for a toddler bed as soon as I get my car back from the shop. *smile*

The choir managed to get through all their performances, I got to listen to dozens of people tell my little girl what a darling she is, and we finished up Sunday afternoon snuggled together in an armchair watching (and falling asleep to) the Muppet Movie. Dealing with some two-ness is totally worth it.


Anonymous said...

I am sure Mrs. Tibbets would have been proud of you while stressing more regular "supportive" exercises! LOL!

purple_kangaroo said...

Oh, she's absolutely beautiful in her Easter dress! Growing up so fast.

Nojim said...

RYC- that can most certainly be arranged. I am also in need of fuzzy blankets...or a bed, though admittedly I'd prefer the blankets.