Friday, March 14, 2008

Day two of the headache that will. not. quit. It's part stress, part PMS, and part poor sleep, but once Easter's done I should be headache-free.

Why the Easter deadline? Short version: I'm a church pianist.

Slightly longer version: my job description has gone from Saturday night pianist to Director of music and liturgy, which means that I'm now doubling my playing hours and directing the church choir. Not an impossible situation, but the change happened two weeks before Holy Week, and I was given three days to prep the choir for five services. Even that mightn't be so awful to contemplate- if there were more than three members of the choir. There were originally eleven singers, but a third are down South for the winter, and the other third quit in protest over the downsizing of the previous director. *sigh* I've managed to borrow a handful of girls from another church, but even with the additions rehearsal last night was painful. I know I should be thankful for anyone I can get, but when three out of seven people in a group are either tone deaf or hard of hearing it gets downright discouraging. I'm also waiting for the sheet music for a new song the priest has "strongly suggested" we perform next Thursday. I can barely get these people through the old standbys, let alone teach them a brand new song in two hours. *repeated banging of head*

More aspirin, more tea.... It'll all be over soon.


Duamuteffe said...

You can do it, sweetheart. Hang in there, take deep breaths, and remember, the divinity will be pleased with heartfelt effort not matter how it ends up sounding.

KibitzingShiksa said...

*smiles* Thanks sis.

Anonymous said...

What's one third of eleven??? Downsizing of the previous director?? Handful of girls??
Twenty-two year old prostitute making a gazillion dollars within a week of 'fessin' to "activities" with a cooperative "Eliot"?
Tough concepts above!

Downloadable recordings of all the tunes sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir plus a PA system... graspable!

And less aspirin please!

BravoPIE said...

I had an idea last weekend that I should try to make it down to see one of your services...I don't know where the idea came from, but it seemed be cool. This post makes the idea more exciting and somehow cruel.

I know Easter is going to be busy for you, I hope it goes well for you!

purple_kangaroo said...

Wow, that would be tough!