Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Shameless Mommy Blogging

Disclaimer: The following post is going to be a lot of gushing about how fantastic, wonderful, and superlative I find my child. If this sort of thing makes you ill, I advise you to skip the entirety of this post. Except maybe the photos. Because she is, after all, adorable.

Now that that's over with:

The Mooch is cute. Ridiculously cute. I could only DREAM of being this darn cute 24/7. I mean, we were doing some banking today, and the nice man at the desk practically IGNORED me so he could carry on a conversation with my one year old about her stuffed bunny and the Elmo DVD he sent home with us. (Ack!) She is THAT cute. She isn't content until she has gotten a smile or hello from everyone that passes us by. And she always does. How can you not smile at this face?

Or this one?

I just can't help myself. I want to hug her and kiss her and tell her how fantastic she is all the time. She's a busy girl, though, and she often loses patience with me when I scoop her up from her busywork to give her snuggles. *sigh* Not even a teen yet and I'm already getting the "awww, Moooooom!!!!!" treatment.


Anonymous said...

Rouge is not allowed for cheek enhancement!
Beautius Maximus Rotkopfkind

Dragonlily_x said...

Hey! The mooch is looking cuter everyday. Starting to look to much like her mommy. Anyways, just wanted to tell ya I love ya and hope to see you soon. (Oh!!! and the mooch's "cow" says hi.)

purple_kangaroo said...

How darling.