Thursday, October 06, 2005

Ho Hum...

More of the same here in Casa de Shiksa- the kitty is napping across the top of the loveseat after watching Airplane with mama, and I'm about to do some text highlighting for computer class.

(Computer class, you say? But aren't you DONE with college?) Well, I was, until hubby's first sergeant decided to send him on yet ANOTHER field exercise in violation of his health profile. He'll be gone for two weeks, which means he's missing both the midterm and final deadlines for his online CIS class. Since I'm a nice wifey and don't feel like trying to come up with three hundred dollars to cover the course if he fails, I'm now filling in on the school front while he catches pneumonia out in the desert. I really don't mind the coursework at all- in fact, it's kind of fun to get my hand back in. (Don't tell him that, though!!! This should earn me backrubs for AT LEAST a month! lol) It also helps fill up some time while he's away. It's amazing how quiet the apartment gets when there isn't a 6'1 beefcake in boots tromping around. Besides, the format for the course is very similar to the last class I took online, so it wasn't too big an adjustment. I've already done two chapter tests since he left! ;)

Speaking of health and related things, poor hubs has managed to catch some sort of nasty cold/flu thing. He snuck a call to me this morning from where he's stationed, and with his scratchy throat he sounds just awful. I sent him off yesterday morning with a bag of strawberry Creme Savers to suck on, but it sounds now like he could use something a bit more medicated.

I think kitty is a bit disturbed that daddy didn't come home last night. Around five pm he sat down next to the door and cried until I got out the laser pointer, and then he woke me up this morning at the same time Scott usually leaves for work. (His method for rousting me? Dragging a fishing pole with attached furry ball INTO the bed and then biting my toes until I notice it. Eccentric, but effective.) We'll both be glad when he makes it home. I can't handle cat whining.

Also stopped by the library earlier today and grabbed an armload of things to keep me occupied. I think I confuse the librarians a little bit whenever I come in. There are four libraries on base, and the one we frequent is a tiny little one near Scott's command. They get a decent number of people throughout the day, but it's primarily soldiers, and most of these guys stop in either to use the computers or to rent DVD's. (They have a pretty fantastic movie collection, and who can say no to free movies?) I walk in, nod to whoever's happens to be at the counter, and proceed directly to the very back of the room where they house the fiction and literature sections. I peruse the shelves for about fifteen minutes and then come waltzing back to the front with at least five books. When Scott comes with me I have him dig through the movie section while I'm browsing, and by the time I'm done in the back he has four or five movies for us to take home. All pretty normal, but the looks we get when we're being checked out! Just because we have Nightmare on Elm Street sandwiched in between the Muppets take Manhattan and the first season of Columbo does NOT make us weird, okay??? Yes, we're twenty-somethings who like kiddie movies, so sue us. And yes, I CAN read five books of three hundred plus pages in less than a week, so all this will be returned together. Yes again, I did read that enormous Joseph Campbell tract on myth in religion for fun. Sheesh. Honestly, the last time I was in the library by myself, the gentleman checking me out had to do a triple take at me and my pile before he'd scan my card. I would check out an Elmo movie to really mess with them, but I can't justify having the evil thing in my place. Maybe I should start renting Baby Einstein's for the cat....

Well, I have a chapter to read on spreadsheets and a whole stack of novels to snuggle up with, so I'm off. I'll leave you with some Dorothy Parker:

"I'm never going to be famous. My name will never be writ large on the roster of Those Who Do Things. I don't do any thing. Not one single thing. I used to bite my nails, but I don't even do that any more."


Doc AWM said...

Send him some ZICAM- best OTC coldkiller!
Best to you folks!

Bill said...

Have you read Alexandre Dumas? Are his novels any good? I've been in a musketeer mood lately and have been thinking of picking up the series.

Running2Ks said...

Zicam, ColdEeze. Now I'm trying Airborne too.

Wow, you are busy. I hope he feels better and you can cuddle up together soon.

Anonymous said...

maybe try a Barney video, that ought to confuse them for at least a day.

halloweenlover said...

Thanks for the bumblebee shower ring suggestion! I like them!

This cracked me up, and I also devour books and can finish 5 300 page books in a week! My husband says its a sickness.

I am really liking your blog! I'll be checking in often!