Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Update

And the verdict is.........


Why? Because they CANCELLED HIS MEETING, because apparently the board DIDN'T RECEIVE HIS FILE. This is the paperwork that hubby made a point of making sure was properly filled out and sent to the filing office, who were then to forward it on to the board. Scott walked into the boardroom and was told no paperwork, no meeting. After the initial "Huh?" and subsequent detective work, all his command can figure is that the Finance office (who evidently handles paper shuffling as well) just didn't turn the papers over on time.

The waiting game starts anew. Right now the commander has to call the board and explain to them why one of his men showed up for a meeting without having his stuff in order, and if the explanation is acceptable there will be a rescheduling. I really have no idea how long any of this will take, so once again we're at the mercy of the paperwork gods. I'm furious, yes, but what's worse is that Scott has worked so hard and so long to get this taken care of, and once again they screwed him. He was about two blinks away from tears on the phone with me this morning, and my man is NOT a crybaby in any sense of the word. And it's going to be at least another five hours before I can give him a big hug. Blah.

Thanks to everyone who's voiced their support- we really do appreciate it. I know deep down that no matter what Scott only has three years left on his contract (two down, three to go), but when things like this happen those kind thoughts mean a lot. Have a good Wednesday, everyone.


Donald M. Trenn Jr. said...

Aww man, that sux. I really hope that things work out the way you both want them to and ASAP.

Beanie Baby said...


I'm sorry about that. How disappointing and hard for both of you.

Doc AWM said...

As long as S is not back in the Sandbox....enjoy Seattle- but get some sleep!

(Pun avoided)

Running2Ks said...

I am so sorry this happened!