Friday, March 04, 2005

Just Ducky!

After S left for work this morning I couldn't seem to get back to sleep, so I decided to have some toast and juice and watch Monty Python's "And Now For Something Completely Different" until it was late enough for me to start the laundry. (S usually has to be on base by 6am, and the neighbors really don't appreciate the loud bangings from my washing machine that early in the day. However, they've been very tolerant of me playing Gaelic Storm and the Pogues records before noon, so I can't really fault them.)

In any case, as the sun started to come out I pulled up the blinds in the living room to discover that a pair of ducks had made themselves at home in the swimming pool outside our window. A mallard and his mate, paddling just as nicely as could be in the chill water. What a surprise!!! I sat on the windowseat for almost an hour watching their antics. A large dog came bounding up, barking loudly, but the ducks continued their paddling without interruption... Fortunately the pool area is enclosed with a large wrought iron fence, so after a few minutes the pooch finally gave up and went on his merry way. I was so amused that I hurried to call S, even though I knew I'd only get his voicemail- he called back on his way to an appointment, and for about five minutes I gave him a running commentary of what was going on while he laughed with me and gave them each a hello (referring to them as Donald and Daisy, respectively).

It was truly cute watching the reactions of the younger school kids as they made thier way around the pool area to head for the bus stop- one little cherub actually did a double take before continuing on his way, and a pair of boys stood and watched for several moments before their mother hurried out to see what the holdup was. I guess the ducks finally got tired of the attention, because after quacking repeatedly and bobbing up and down a bit they took off straight from the water, soaring into the air and disappearing between two of the adjacent apartment buildings. S had the digital camera in the car with him, but thanks to the forethought of my eight year old sister I had a disposable camera at hand and snapped several pictures before they disappeared.

I really couldn't have planned a better way to start the day- cool, crisp air on my face, the sun shining down, and my very own water ballet right outside the window. Now if only our copy of Howard the Duck would finish downloading...

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