Wednesday, March 23, 2005

*Deep Breath*

Audition is OVER! *laughs* Thanks to all of you who encouraged me to go- I may not have a part, but the practice certainly didn't kill me.

I spent the better part of the day with my stomach twisted into knots so tight I was afraid to eat (I'm sure you've had that sensation at some point), but after the drive to the theater and getting signed in I calmed down a bit. There was even a "theatre cat" wandering about the lobby, so I had a chance to pet something warm and furry and get the heart rate back to normal. S sat with me and teased me a bit to get my mind off the butterflies swarming in my digestive tract, and that helped a bit, too.

The auditions were closed, so it was just me and the three auditioners in the auditorium (which was just as well, considering my mental state). It's actually a very nicely appointed little black box theater, which made it a bit cozier. We had a brief interview beforehand, and I couldn't help but laugh to myself because once the music director saw that I was an instrumentalist he immediately started asking about my comfort levels on clarinet- I guess I can always volunteer to be an extra in the pit!!! I figured that since my instrument is currently in a different time zone and not in great working order I should veer him away from that possibility for the time being... However, it might make for an interesting time this summer, and I could possibly be spared the audition jitters!

Anyway, after a few minutes of casual chatter I sang through my number. Ye gods, it was awful! Jittery, knee-knocking, ever so slightly breathy- and yet, it was better than my last audition. I didn't hyperventilate, I went through the entire piece without stopping, and I even managed a smile at the end. I think that in itself almost counters the fact that I almost bolted from the room without my music afterwards. *grin*

So, it was over. The director said that letters and/or phone calls would go out next week after the callbacks have been considered, they wished me a good evening, and I left without falling on my face. I wished the girl next in line good luck, headed for the car, and let the rest of my jitters shake themselves out before we headed for home.

Now for the honesty portion of the post. Do I really want a part in this show? Actually, yes, I do. The bigger the better! Did I perform at a standard that merits being selected for a part? Not particularly, no. Will I be disappointed if there's no call next week? Of course.

But call or no call, I'm glad I went. It felt good standing on stage, breathing deep and letting it go out into the room (and the lobby as well, if S is telling the truth). And I hear there are auditions for the Music Man in Seattle next week... ;)


Doc AWM said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm so freaking proud of you! I was hoping that you would go through with it and i knew you would survive! Hey, there is NOTHING wrong with playing in a pit! I'm doing it now for a high school show. Ah, the joys of student teaching! :0)

Anonymous said...

Hey, congrats! Good on ya!

(Adding: I _love_ the idea of a therapeutic theatre cat. I bet it gets _lots_ of pats from nervous actors. :) )