Monday, October 18, 2004

Monday Monday

It's been a pretty quiet beginning to the week. Last night I stayed up late watching the Yankees/Red Sox game, and I got up early today to drive Alex in to work. I can't remember the last time I got up early without it being a major hassle- I've been a true night owl lately, and I think it's contributing to my grumpy attitude.

The weather is still really cool outside, and after I'm done posting here and checking on my Psych work for the week I think I'll take a walk around the neighborhood. For now I'm settled comfortably in the kitchen, typing away and listening to Five For Fighting's latest album on my cd player. I may have to pull out Jethro Tull when I'm done with this one... Certain days and moods call for certain music, and Songs From The Wood is uber-appropriate for a crisp day.

Had to comment on this- we had a late lunch at the bagel shop up the road, and while Alex ordered us chicken and tuna salad I commandeered a corner table near two gentlemen discussing the ball game of the night before. I usually try to make myself as inobtrusive as possible when I'm in public, but for some reason I was drawn in by the sheer perfectness of the conversation going on in front of me. I leaned in at the table and smiled as I listened to these two folks going back and forth on their opinions of the Yankees' performance, and I think everyone else in the shop also had half an ear out. One man standing in line waiting for his order glanced over at me and we both shared a big grin as the younger of the two baseball enthusiasts stood up to emphasize a point about the managing style before he left, presumably to head back to work. There's nothing quite like a championship series to promote conversation between complete strangers. *laughs*

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